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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Most Fuel Efficient SUV

The concept of the most fuel efficient SUV is not a dream anymore. Thanks to the ever advancing automobile technology, there are lots of automobile companies which are introducing new and better models of fuel efficient SUVs in the market. As I have mentioned above, the best example for the most fuel efficient SUV of 2010 is the "Ford Escape Hybrid". It's fitted with the brand new all wheel drive car technology which gives you an average of 32mpg on road. It's not only easy on your pocket but also very easy on the environment too. It offers comfortable seating for 5 people and also very versatile cargo space. Searching for the most fuel efficient SUV is not a daunting task anymore. So if you're looking to buy a fuel efficient SUV this Christmas, this site makes your job easier. Most Fuel Efficient SUV

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