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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Many a time we find ourselves in a group where we do not find any friends and all are strangers.As I have observed that in such a situation some people smile at others and wish them and soon involve in a conversation with the result they soon become friends.Some stop there and some others try to become very close and continue their friendship even after wards.I am quite opposite.I do not feel comfortable at all in the company of strangers.In case of necessity only I stay there otherwise I leave the place as soon as possible.Even if some one smiles at me I smile in reply as a courtesy.I will answer if they ask about me and I will not ask any questions about them . After wards I feel why I did not make friendship with them May be I am not sociable as some others are.So are you comfortable in the company of strangers....? Its always better to make strangers your friends, these attitude will make you good hieght because the growing person always meat new (strangers people in there life ) those who avoid to meat new people they dont come to know about the good future.
  At first, we are not comfortable because we are still strangers to each other.  But there are people who are natural in making friends with others easily. If someone smiles at you, give it back in return. But be careful in dealing with strangers. Not all are good people.  It depends on the place where you are with strangers.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

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