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Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston disappointed
not to meet Angelina Jolie Actress wants closure on her marriage to Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston is said to be frustrated that she didn't meet Angelina Jolie as expected at a pre-Oscar party last weekend. The pair were to be introduced at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday, but at the last minute Ange, 32, backed out. Brad Pitt started dating Angelina shortly after his split with Jen. 'Jennifer said the stress of having to avoid them was more painful than seeing them,' a source tells Us Weekly.
Friends say Jen, 39, had been hoping for closure and thought the meeting would be the 'perfect chance' to finally put her marriage to Brad, 43, behind her. Instead, Angelina took the opportunity to showcase her new baby bump at the Independent Spirit Awards.
Is Jennifer Aniston's romance
with John Mayer for real? Jen looks loved-up, but her romance might not last Sunday, 25 May 2008 Jennifer Aniston hasn’t been shy about showing off her gorgeous new toyboy John Mayer and the romance seems to be hotting up. ‘They looked like they’d been together for ever,’ said one onlooker who spotted the couple getting cosy at the wrap party for Marley And Me, which was held at Nikki Coconut Grove in Miami on 10 May. ‘John and Jen really are inseparable.’ The Friends star usually has a protective attitude to her private life, but she’s been flaunting her relationship with the 30-year-old singer by taking him to industry events and canoodling with him in public. John’s a notorious ladies’ man who’s been linked with actresses Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly and Jennifer Love Hewitt, so is he the right man for the Hollywood star? ‘As Jen will be 40 next February, she’s looking for someone she can settle down with and the chance to have children’s never far from her mind,’ a friend tells Now. ‘John really doesn’t seem the type. It’s not just the fact that he’s nine years younger than her – he loves being around women.’ Others point out that the relationship seems unlikely for a different reason. Jen’s agent has been accused in the past of setting up dates for her just for publicity and this could be another one, especially because Jen’s sick of speculation about her lack of a love life ever since splitting with Brad Pitt, 44, in 2005. She swears they’re for real, but who knows?’ the friend adds. ‘People are talking about Jen’s new man instead of saying that she’s a loser in love. She’s so sick of people seeing her as the desperate ex.’ See the full story by Beth Mcloughlin in Now magazine - out now! View Comments