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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Angelina and Brad pitt in LUV

Hottest couple of the world , the combination of natural beauty Another hottest buzz or couple are Anjelina and Bead Pitt. They are in deep love .Now they are having the twins baby. These couple has turned in to Father and Mother which is the dream of every person after the love. WoW!!!! Congratulation to them........................... Academy Award winning actress Angelina Jolie, who turned 30 over the weekend, sat down for an exclusive interview with the “Today” show’s Ann Curry to talk about her new movie, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” her humanitarian work, and more. But first she responded to questions that a perhaps overly curious public has about her relationship with recent co-star Brad Pitt. They are two of America's most beautiful people, as pretty much anyone who has seen one of their movie billboards or magazine covers or caught sight of them in person can confirm. So when Jolie and Pitt were cast opposite one another in the action comedy "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," people started asking, would these two superstars be as attracted to one another as America is to them? Roseanne Barr has apologized Roseanne Barr has apologized (more or less) for her attack on Brad and Angelina the other day. I guess she was hoping for a bit of controversy and wound up a little stunned by the incredible backlash. On her blog, she wrote: “I do not know Brangelina. I do not mean to personally impugn them as they might be good people in the flesh, but the media’s images of them are smelly and vile, and I must always attack the media’s representation of what is good or cool. She went on to slag people like me - the bloggers and media people who immediately picked up on her attack. Please, that’s what she wanted, she just couldn’t handle the heat when so many of us rose to Brad and Angelina’s defense. I don’t mind, she can rant about me if she wants, it certainly won’t affect my life or career! In other good news, the first group of houses for Brad Pitt’s Make It Right foundation are just about completed. While complaints of bureaucratic sloth persist, Pitt’s foundation instead provides a striking example of a private entity taking the simplest of plans — build houses where the flood knocked them all down — from idea to execution in a relatively short time. As of today, Make It Right has raised enough money to build at least 84 houses, with an ultimate goal of financing at least 150 houses in the Lower 9th Ward, said Tom Darden, the foundation’s executive director. Currently six homes are in the process of being built, and hopes are high that at least one will be fully completed by August 29th. Those residents have been without proper homes for so long that it’s about time they get them back - and good for Brad for being the one behind it all. One resident even said, “the answer to our prayers — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.” Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were photographed in their casual best outside the Eden Roc Hotel in Cap d’Antibes between Cannes and Nice today. Angelina was seen at the exclusive hotel a few days earlier on May 15, and the Eden Roc is where the cast of Oceans Thirteen stayed while in Cannes to promote the film last year. Angelina wore a striking handkerchief print dress while Brad was in a suit with an open collar shirt. Angelina’s film The Changeling will be screened at the Cannes film festival tomorrow morning. The latest tabloid stories about Brad and Angelina include In Touch’s claim that “Brad Walks Out!” and a more believable story by the National Enquirer that Brad wants Angelina to give birth in the states while she plans to stay in France. In Touch: “Brad Walks Out!” - story based on Brad having a drink by himself at a bar in France On May 8 [Brad] became so annoyed with [Angelina] that he took off from Villa Maryland… leaving her alone with the children. He ended up drinking along at Le Pontiu Brasserie, a tiny bar 10 minutes up the coast, which he has frequented before. “He always looks worried and lost in thought, says a witness [From In Touch, print edition, May 26, 2008] In Touch goes on to claim that Brad is pissed because Angelina won’t marry him, and that she’s put the wedding on hold indefinitely after promising that she would go through with it. The article also states that Angelina is getting reflexology treatments in France to ease her stress during pregnancy. And the couple has received deliveries of baby items from London, signaling their intention to stay put in France.

Cross connection Between Deepika, Ranbir and yubaraj (BOLLYWOOD) We have listen from the news that deepika and yubraj is in luv. So she even went to Austeralia to see the game of the Yubraj sing. But after the "OM SHANTI OM" she was able to stole the heart of Ranbir Kapoor and Finally they are together and in deep luv. The both couple believe in love according to programme 'DUS KA DHUM' PHOTO GALLERY OF DEEPIKA AND RANBIR KAPOOR

Love Messages

Love Messages Here are some love messages that you can send to your beloved in a valentine e-card or even as a simple love note along with a gift. *You can fall from the sky.You can fall from a tree.But the best way to fall is in love with me. * You don't have to love in words; even through the silences love is always heard. I Love You Honey! *The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched but are felt in the heart. *If you're going my way, I'll walk with you. *No man is worth your tears and the only one who is will never make you cry. *Last night I looked up at the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you I was doing great, but then I ran out of stars. *I love you not only because of who you are but also because of who I am when I'm with you. *They say you only fall in love once, it can't be true. Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again. *Loving you is like breathing. How can I stop? *Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control. *Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will. *Crushes are like the wind, they come and go. My love for you is like a mountain; it's here to stay. *There are only two times that I want to be with you... Now and Forever. *Sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for. So wait for me, I'll be right back. *Tonight I ask the stars above.How I'll ever win your love.What do I do.What do I say.To turn your angel eyes my way? *The shortest word for me is "I"The sweetest word for me is "love"The only word for me is "you!" *The way you look into my eyesIt scares meThe way you say "I love you"It scares meThe way you know just what to sayIt scares meThe ways you scare meI love it"

Hottest Buzz & cross connection , salman khan

Hottest Buzz & cross connection of the world , the combination of natural beauty Cross connection between salman, katrina and Aishwarya!!!! Salman Khan Finally Proposed Katrina Kaif by tsuneel, Filed under Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Love and Relationships, Salman Khan I just learnt from Rediff that Salman Khan has finally proposed Katrina Kaif. It is reported that Salman Khan proposed Katrina at the party he gave to celebrate Katrina’s birthday on 16 July. It was a grand event as the cream of bollywood was invited. Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone were among the guests. However, It is not yet confirmed that whether Katrina has said “Yes” or not. Or may be it was just a publicity stunt? I have doubted Salman Katrina relationship since day one. I don’t think that any girl would be stupid enough to get married at the peak of her career. Nearly 43 years old, Salman Khan is Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor since a long time now. He has dated several co-stars but all his relationships ended tragically. Most often his girlfriends claimed that Salman is a violent person who does not mind beating his girl friends. He dated Aishwarya Rai for a few years and it was rumored that they are getting married soon. But that relationship ended terribly. Aishwarya’s parents accused Salman Khan for harassing their daughter. They even filed a police complain against him. Most Salman fans believe that Salman is an innocent lover boy who just can’t find the right girl. Most of them think that the cute an innocent Katrina Kaif is the right girl for Salman Khan. Name: Salman Khan Date of Birth: December 27, 1965 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Address: 3 Galaxy Apartments B.J.Road, Bandstand, Bandra, Bombay - 400050 FAMILYParents: Salim Khan & Salma Helen Sisters: Alvira & Arpita Brothers: Arbaaz & Sohail Sisters-in-law: Malaika & Seema Brother-in-law: Atul Agnihotri Niece: Alizeh Nephews: Nirvaan, Ayaan & Arhaan First Films : Biwi Ho To Aisi (in a supporting role), Maine Pyar Kiya (in a leading role). Nature: Moody and unpredicatable. Can be very caring, very protective, very loving, and also childishly petulant. Style of Clothing:Very rarely wears formals. Loves to wear casuals espe cially, black and blue, tight fitting jeans with shirts and T-shirts. Shops in London and ocasionally, in Singapore. Mostly wears Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace. Plus Points :Can be irresistable when he wants to. Getting Personal with Salman Khan...... I Pack......in a hurry and casually. I'm not particular about what I take as long as I am comfortable. Even a few shirts and a pair of jeans is fine with me. ...my shorts. It is a must because I need to exercise everyday....my dumb-bells. I need to work-out daily. Without work-outs my day is incomplete. While abroad I make it a point to visit the gymnasium....my perfumes and glares. I just can't do without them....my luggage. It's taken in advance while I reach the airport just in time for my flight. I Travel......to London off an on. It's a beautiful place to be in. The river Thames, Big Ben and the trams of the city fascinate me. Recently when I visited the city I travelled by tube and had a ball. It brought back memories of my childhood. What is your idea of perfect happiness? The kind of contentment I am experiencing right now. Which living persons do you most admire? My father and my mother - they’re the best for me. What is the trait you most deplore in others? Nothing. Why should I waste my time assessing others? What is your greatest weakness? I can’t tell - it’s too personal to reveal. On what occasion do you lie? I don’t lie at all, and I mean it. What do you dislike most about your appearance? Nothing, yaar. God has been kind to me. Which living person do you most despise? I don’t despise anyone - if I don’t like them, they don’t matter. What is your greatest regret? Thankfully for myself, I have no regrets whatsoever. And what’s more, I’m proud of that. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Nothing at all. It’s a package deal - take it or leave it. What do you consider your greatest achievement? To have got the kind of family I do. If you were to die, and come back as a person or thing, what would it be? I’d like to come back as my father. What do you value most in friends? Their honesty. Who’s your favourite fiction hero? Archie. If you were to be marooned on a desolate island, who or what would you choose for company? I’d want to be alone so I could enjoy some peace of mind. How would you like to die? In my sleep. How would you like to be remembered?
If people kept a special place for me in their hearts, i’d feel it was worth it all. What is your motto? Go straight and turn right! For advice you go to..? My father. The kind of roles you like best are...? The roles that excite me! Your best friend is....? The one I tell all my secrets to.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What is the defination of love, Is love near to care any one?

I tried to find out the meaning of LOVE and what i got is really wonderful and apt......have a look please.

L - Longing

O- Obsessive V- Virtuous E- Exciting And by Summing up the whole thing, LOVE can be defined as: A longing, which is obssesive, virtuous and exciting .

When you start feeling like giving your everything to one, it is called love.

You can care for too many peoples but you cant love them. When you cannot stay without someone, it is called love.

love is when you can't be without a certain someone. not just that, but you can also feel love for your friends too. their feelings matter to you, because you love them, and you feel sadness when they feel sadness. you're willing to sacrifice yourself when it comes to love.

love is a quality that makes a human, well... human. and yet like God, because when you love, you can understand God's love for us. it's just one huge concept.

About LUV Immature love says: "I love you because I need you." Mature love says: "I need you because I love you." - Erich Fromm 1900-1980 Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your. - Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, 1961, 34.

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. - Jean Anouilh, Ardele, 1948, (2, translated by Lucienne Hill) Love yourself first and everything else falls into line - Lucille Ball Proactive people make love a verb. Love is something you do: the sacrifices you make, the giving of self, like a mother bringing a newborn into the world. If you want to study love, study those who sacrifice for others, even for people who offend or do not love in return. If you are a parent, look at the love you have for the children you sacrificed for. Love is a value that is actualized through loving actions. Proactive people subordinate feelings to values. Love, the feeling, can be recaptured . -Stephen R. Covey

Kiss Between yellow (female) chilly and Red chilly. Can U believe that there is luv between them? well, Guess it.